Data Transformation

If the data you're working with is not in the format that Vuetable uses, you can setup a function that accepts response data as an argument, to transform it to the format that Vuetable can work with.

By creating a data transformation function, you will be able to pre-process the data you received back from the API endpoint and "transform" them before passing into Vuetable by using transform prop to specify the data transformation function to be used.

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  data: {
  methods: {
    transformData (data) {
      var transformed = {}

      transformed.pagination = {
        per_page: data.per_page,
        current_page: data.current_page,
        last_page: data.last_page,
        next_page_url: data.next_page_url,
        prev_page_url: data.prev_page_url,
        from: data.from,

      transformed.mydata = []

      for (var i=0; i < data.length; i++) {
          id: data[i].id,
          fullname: data[i].name,
          email: data[i].email
      return transformed

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